5G is coming but how will it affect our businesses?

Both businesses and individual consumers are already eagerly awaiting the 5G roll-out which is predicted for sometime around 2020. Tech journalist Diana Adams wrote an article on how 5G will make us a better-connected world, stating: “This is an exciting time in our evolution. It’s hard to believe that in only a decade, our lives will be completely different than what we know now.”

So what will this mean for our businesses and how we work?

5G promises regular transfer speeds of hundreds of megabytes per second, in contrast to the tens of megabytes that even good 4G connections can only just reach at present.

The benefits of these 5G speeds will affect businesses in many different ways, from how they manage daily communications, their ability to leverage mobile technologies and to create new efficiencies throughout their business.

These faster network speeds should open the doors to instant HD mobile video connection which will allow more face-to-face, real-time virtual interactions. This will make it much easier to communicate with other organisations or individuals all around the globe, opening up new opportunities for businesses who want to offer their service/products internationally.

5G will move us even more into all-cloud technology which will allow for a change in the way we work, providing further opportunities to work from home or while travelling. Some believe it may also change the way we recruit, with fewer people employed internally and an increase in the use of freelancers as a consequence.

Obviously, one of the major advancements to come from 5G and one that a lot of people are excited about is the further possibilities for AI.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is set to change the world as we know it, and it will only continue to advance with high-speed connectivity.” – Ryan Ding, President of Products and Solutions at Huawei.

It is predicted that 5G will help machines better understand language in context and feed their ability to learn. AI is already used by many technologies, but the introduction of AI will open up the advancement of the connected robot with more human-like characteristics. Huawei predicts that by 2030 the 5G-enabled autonomous robot market will be worth a whopping $14.6 billion dollars. Could we soon all have our very own Jarvis from Iron Man?

5G may also benefit businesses by helping them keep better control of their energy consumption and even assist in better security measures.

In summary, 5G looks to be an exciting development for not only businesses but also for individuals around the world. It will open up new opportunities that previously have only been dreamed about. But with over 4 billion devices expected to be reliant on a 4G connection in 2020, it is not thought to be an instant switch.

Have you thought about how you could use 5G in your business yet?

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