How smartphones have changed the way we work

Over the past decade the use of smartphones has taken the world by storm and you probably can’t remember the last time you spent a whole day using your mobile phone just to make calls.

With mobile technology growing at a considerable rate, this has changed the way that we work, and it is important for telecoms providers to understand this so that they can make sure their customers are on a tariff that works.


Smartphones provide workers with the flexibility to work outside of the office. Mobile devices now offer almost all of the features that you find on your PC so you can respond to emails, amend documents and visit websites from anywhere at any time.

This can also be seen as a downside as 62% of people admitted to checking their work emails outside of work time or even on holiday.

Maintaining relationships

Having access to information about acquaintances and clients on-the-go makes a huge difference in daily business interactions. If you have just met someone for a meeting or at a networking event you can connect with them on LinkedIn or send them a follow up email even if you are not heading back into the office. If you’re going to a business meeting with someone you’ve not met before, you could go to Facebook or LinkedIn to discover more about them, find out what they look like and potentially develop conversation points that’ll help you build a rapport further down the road.


Gone are the days when you need to carry an address book, diary and notebook to be able to make sure you have all the information you may need out of the office. Smartphones can store all this information and, even better, sync it together, making life even easier. Your phone can also act as a personal assistant by setting up reminders and alerts for important events or tasks.

It is true that smartphones have been a welcome addition to the business world, which in turn has meant telecoms providers need to ensure that they are providing phones and tariffs which will fulfil all the needs of their customers. This can be done by ensuring the correct tariff analysis is carried out. By being on top of the latest phones, tariffs and bolt-ons you will be able to provide quality advice which will meet your customers’ requirements.

To make the most of their smartphone, users need an appropriate data plan. Therefore, it is important to fully understand your customers’ data usage before advising of a tariff so that they will have enough data for their needs at the right price.

Our Tariff Analyser will compare data plans and you can best match the one that fits your customers’ usage.

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