What are the benefits of using an automated proposal system?

With the new year well under way, you may be thinking about ways in which you can increase efficiency within your sales teams and introduce new internal procedures. One way in which you could do this is by introducing an automated proposal system. Products such as Proposal Manager can help streamline the proposal process and, in turn, save time and increase efficiency.

Here are 5 benefits of using Proposal Manager:

Reduce time

Creating a telecoms proposal often involves duplicating a lot of the same content and personalising tariff and account information. This usually requires the laborious tasks of locating content, re-purposing it for the client and then assembling it into a single document. Over and above this there is still the need to ensure that the formatting and branding is consistent and that no out-dated content has mistakenly been incorporated. This can take time and result in frustration among the team.

With Proposal Manager, the content needed to produce a proposal is stored in one place. The user simply selects what they want to feature in the proposal and the system does all the hard work, generating a fully branded and complete proposal ready to be sent to the prospect. This saves a significant amount of time, not only reducing frustration but also allowing your sales team to spend more time speaking to potential customers.


You may have multiple people generating proposals, but it is important that they are all producing proposals that provide the same information and fit in with the company branding. With Proposal Manager, you create one proposal template which all users use. This means that every proposal generated by the company will be consistent and it also reduces the risk of errors which can be created through the copying and pasting of content from multiple documents.

Accurate tariff data

The most important part of a proposal is the tariff and call plan information. It is important that this information is correct to avoid mis-selling. Proposal Manager is set up with all the network information relevant to your business and then this information is kept up to date by us, providing you with the peace of mind that every proposal is accurate and correct.

Automated customer sign up

One of the most frustrating parts of sending proposals is waiting for the prospect to agree and sign the contract. With Proposal Manager you can integrate Adobe Sign, meaning prospects can simply provide an e-signature on the document which will automatically be sent back to you. This saves time and money of as you no longer need to print documents and wait to receive them in the post. According to Adobe, some customers using its Adobe Sign feature have seen sales contract cycle times reduced by 74% and the number of signatures signed go up by 11%.

Report on pipelines and set controls

Keeping track of your team’s and individual team members’ pipelines and activity is vital in this fast-paced industry. Proposal Manager allows you to do this so that you can plan financials adequately and ensure that your teams are performing efficiently. In addition, you can set up alerts and thresholds so that deals are not being put through at levels which are unacceptable to your business. Proposal Manager places you in control by requiring your authorisation before proposals are able to be generated when the profit margin is below your set level.

If it is time you increase efficiency within your sales team and win more business with better proposals, then why not get in touch today for your 30 day free trial of Proposal Manager.

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