How to keep your mobile device secure

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, the functionality of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has meant that more and more of us are now using these devices to work remotely. This means that the risk of company data loss via mobile devices has dramatically increased.

It is important that businesses understand mobile security and educate their employees to ensure that they are keeping their devices secure. The key for businesses is to focus on protecting the information, not the devices.

Here is a quick guide to mobile security for businesses:

Mobile security software

For maximum security you should treat business mobile devices as if they were computers. That means installing security software. Security software helps protect your data and devices against viruses and phishing scams. We recently shared this article about some of the best mobile antivirus software:

Back up, Back up, Back up

Regular backing up your files onto the cloud will help to ensure that no important information is lost in the unfortunate case of your device being lost, stolen or broken. Backing up your data is often quick and easy. Your phone will usually come with the standard cloud back up package and you can typically upgrade the amount of space needed at a reasonable price.

Manage the use of company devices

Installing mobile device management (MDM) software allows you to manage the devices of your employees and roll out apps and software updates centrally. This means that you can be sure that your employees are not downloading any unsecure apps which may pose a threat to the device’s security. You can also manage which websites they are able to visit and which emails they can download.

Here’s a link to more information about some of the best software available at the moment:

You can also install software or an app that will allow you to wipe the data on your devices remotely if it is lost or stolen. Find My iPhone and Android Device Manager offer this option.

Secure phone lock

Make sure all phones have a secure password system in order to access the phone. Most devices automatically implement passcode or fingerprint verification when initially setting up the device. This helps protect you if the phone ends up in someone else’s hands.

Are your business devices fully secured?

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