The increase in remote working and how this affects telecoms providers

Being at your office no longer means being in the office. No matter if they are working from home, staying in a hotel or in the local coffee shop, workers want to be able to work as if they were at their desk. Telecoms play an important role in making this happen.

In order to access the things they need to work successfully such as email, internet and cloud documents an adequate data allowance is needed. It is vital that the telecoms provider understands their customers’ usage in order to offer the correct data package for them.

Research conducted by the Lancaster University’s Work Foundation found that around 50% of businesses now offer remote working and this is predicted to increase to 70% by 2020. These figures show that the way that telecoms are offered will need to adapt to people’s work situations.

Thorough tariff analysis ensures you understand your customers’ needs and find the best tariff or bolt-on for them. This is not only important for new customers; you may have current customers whose role or situation may change, requiring them to be out of the office more. By conducting regular analysis on their usage you will be able to identify whether they need to add any new data or international bolt-ons to their current package, or whether an increase in their minute or text allowances would be a good idea. This is something that will definitely benefit your client relationship.

With Porrima’s Tariff Analyser, you can perform independent, cost effective, comprehensive and accurate analysis on your customers’ current mobile and fixed line bills.

With a full and accurate breakdown of your customers’ bills, you can more easily demonstrate cost savings, and ensure your proposals reflect their actual needs and usage.

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