Retro technology that has made a successful comeback...

We have recently seen nostalgia at a high with the comeback of the Nokia 3310. This got us thinking about what other retro technology has made a comeback. Here is our pick of the best:

Record player

During the late 90’s and early 2000’s the record player was virtually dead, but over the last few years we have seen vinyl making a huge comeback. In fact, sales are at a record high. The record player not only lets us appreciate the sounds of new tracks out today, but also lets us get excited about bringing out the retro records from back in the day.

Instant cameras

Instant cameras seemed to take a decline in the late 00’s, with digital cameras becoming the dominant force in the market. However, recently we have seen an increase in people appreciating the printed picture again, with some fab new instant cameras coming to market.


Computer gaming has come on leaps and bounds since the introduction of NES in the 80’s, but this didn’t stop us getting excited about Nintendo bringing back simple gaming graphics and the opportunity to get nostalgic over a game of Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros.

And of course we need to mention the Nokia 3310!

We all remember the trusty Nokia 3310 and what felt like its week-long battery life. And who could forget the addictive Snake game?! So it was exciting to hear that Nokia will be bringing the phone and Snake back to the market in 2017. We are interested to see if it will be as successful as the initial buzz around it.

We are excited to see what other retro products we used to love are going to come back to market next!

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