Why tariff analysis can help you retain clients…

Winning a new client can sometimes be a long drawn out process, so when we do win them it’s a big blow if they don’t stick around. This is why it is important to spend time ensuring our existing customers are happy, as well as winning new ones.

For the telecoms industry one way in which we can do this is making sure you are always on top of your customers’ current package and checking they are on the best tariff and have the correct bolt-ons for their needs.

According to DMN industry retention surveys have shown that while price and product are important, most people leave any service because of dissatisfaction with the way they are treated. Therefore, constant communication and dealing with issues effectively are key.

Regularly analysing your customers’ phone usage and checking this against available tariffs and bolt-ons will mean that you will spot if there are any areas in which they might be able to save money. Your customers are always going to appreciate your honesty and of course value any type of money saving. If you do not recognise these opportunities when they arise then you are allowing the opportunity for one of your competitors to swoop in and offer them this saving.

If your customer knows that you are carrying out tariff analysis on their behalf then they will gain trust and confidence in you. These things will then lead to loyalty. Being proactive is better than being reactive.

Our Tariff Analyser allows you to keep track of your customers’ phone usage and analyse this against all available tariffs on the market and highlight if there are any packages or bolt-ons which would better suit their usage.

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