Top tips for ensuring a great customer experience

The customer experience is just as important to B2B as it is to B2C. However, studies have shown that fewer than one quarter of companies are delivering experiences that customers notice and that deliver significant value.

Here at Porrima one of our key goals is to help our customers to win new business and retain it. Understanding what makes a good customer experience is how we make sure our products help make customer service easier.

Here are some of the key things we have found help B2B telecoms partners produce a customer experience strategy that will help keep customers happy and in turn generate retention.

Know your customer

It is important that you get to know your customers and understand their needs and how their business works in order to make sure you’re offering the products and services that best fit them. As you know telecoms is not a one size fits all service. By taking the time to show your customers you are interested in them and what they do it will help you build relationships and also spot new opportunities which may benefit them and then in turn help increase your revenue.

Learn from B2C successes

It is important to remember that every B2B customer is not only a businessperson but also a consumer, who already has high expectations of customer service for the big brands they deal with every day. Those B2B customers no longer lower their expectations when they go to work, so think about the customer service you receive and what works and what doesn’t and then think about how that can fit with the service you provide.

And remember that as a consumer if you receive good or bad customer experience you are likely to share this with your peers. This doesn’t change for B2B and word of mouth can sometimes be the best source of new business.

Be Proactive

Don’t sit back and wait for your customer to approach you with new ideas or problems that need solving, think ahead and spot these for them. Approaching a customer with new ways they can save money or improve their business will go a long way and gain trust.

In terms of telecoms one of the best ways you can do this is through analytics: by tracking your customers’ usage you will clearly be able to see in what areas they may be overspending or not taking advantage of tariffs and bolt-ons available.

Research conducted by IBM found that one company was able to boost the effectiveness of its customer retention campaigns by 50%.

Measure your results

This is probably one of the most important steps of your customer experience strategy as this will help you understand what has worked and what hasn’t. One easy way to measure the success of customer service is to ask your customers to fill in a satisfaction survey. This can be done over the phone or by sending them something to fill in. Remember to keep it short, as your response rate will be higher if it’s not going to take up too much of a person’s time.

So where do Porrima fit in?

With Porrima’s Tariff Analyser, you can perform independent, comprehensive and accurate analysis on your customers’ current mobile and fixed line bills. With a full and accurate breakdown of your customers’ bills, you can easily demonstrate cost savings and ensure your proposals reflect their actual needs and usage. We can also incorporate any other products that you may offer on these reports.

As previously mentioned, studies have shown that by providing regular analysis reports to customers you are greatly increasing the customer experience, which in turn helps retention. Tariff Analyser makes this process easy and saves you time and money by providing you with fully bespoke reports in quick turnaround times.

Speak to one of the team today to find out how Tariff Analyser can help with your customer experience strategy…

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