How to use Tariff Analysis to win new business!

We are big believers that tariff analysis is important for keeping your current customers engaged. In fact, our clients all report an increase in customer retention once they start introducing regular account reviews. However, tariff analysis can also be a valuable tool for winning new business.

Here are some ways tariff analysis helps to win more business…

Bespoke and well thought out proposal

By incorporating a tariff analysis report into your business proposal, the prospective business can see that you have taken some time to think about what they need and how what you are offering will suit their business. It shows that you don’t offer an off the shelf, onesizefitsall package and that you understand fully what their requirements are and how you can make sure you fulfil them.

Save your prospect money

A thorough tariff analysis report will highlight where you are going to save your prospect money. The customer will be able to see clearly the usage of their account and how what you are offering may save them money.

High levels of customer service

Producing a tariff analysis report at the proposal stage will give the prospect an overview of the type of service you will provide. They will appreciate the time taken in creating the proposal and this will give them an idea of how you treat your customers.

It will also demonstrate to them what they can expect from their regular account reviews and that these reports will always look at ways you can save them money.

Easier proposal for you

Conducting tariff analysis on a prospect’s current bills will give you a quicker and clearer understanding of their account and what package they require. This means you will be able to develop a business proposal that will add value and compete with what they are currently receiving.

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