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Proposal Manager is without a doubt an invaluable tool for the sales team at Barclay Communications and has significantly reduced how long our staff spend putting together quotes for our customers.

It means that our sales team can be out selling rather than spending hours in the office doing admin tasks. A proposal that would normally take more than an hour to complete is now generated in literally minutes. We use PM to generate hundreds of proposals each month which saves us considerable salary costs in turn.
PM also allows our sales team to ensure every proposition is profitable as PM gives a clear and comprehensive breakdown of the exact GP and commission available in each one of our deals. Our staff no longer have to seek authorisation before sending proposals out, meaning our customers receive them quicker and our Sales Managers spends less time double checking quotes and profitability.

Not only are all proposals that our team generate guaranteed to be profitable, but they look impressive too. Porrima have designed our proposal with our requirements in mind and to our template, using our company branding. So we can be confident all our customers receive a professional and accurate proposal that is easy to understand and well laid out.

We really like the additions that Porrima regularly introduce to make the system even more functional. We can see all proposals generated by all the teams at Barclay and search on the potential business we expect to win each month and what we need to do to win it. This is a massive help.

The team at Porrima clearly understand the industry and their Support Team is always quick to respond to any request we have and are in regular contact with us to make sure we are satisfied customers. They’ve incorporated any changes we’ve required swiftly and because they know the challenges we face they always understand exactly what we need and can also recommend how to get the most from PM.

I can safely say any company in the mobile phone industry could benefit from using Proposal Manager. It is easy to use, removes the potential for sales people to make mistakes and most importantly saves us both time and money.

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