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Case Study & Testimonial – Mat Whyman, Head of Marketing & Key Account Manager


Tru Solutions have years of experience in offering unified communications solutions to businesses and have been using Porrima Tariff Analyser for 2 years

Before working with Porrima; Tru Solutions were completing their tariff analysis internally using manual processes and excel spreadsheets. This was time consuming and generated reports which were long and not necessarily user friendly.

Why Tariff Analyser?

After researching the tariff analysis products available on the market, Mat Whyman, Key Account Manager at Tru said “Tariff Analyser stood out due to it providing a bespoke solution with fully flexible reports, designed specifically for your company.”

Working with Porrima and Tariff Analyser

When they first approached Porrima about Tariff Analyser Tru had a requirement to get the reports up and running as soon as possible. Porrima worked closely with the team to quickly get the system set up so that they could keep on track with their customer reports. Porrima generated the system so that it suited their exact requirements.

How has Tariff Analyser benefited Tru Solutions customers?

Mat commented “The reports we receive from Tariff Analyser are really well received by our customers. The reports are easy to understand and clearly highlight the information which is important to them. They really value the extra information provided such as inactive users as they can see that we are trying to provide a high level of customer service”

How has Tariff Analyser helped Tru Solutions?

Since using Tariff Analyser, Tru Solutions have reported a saving in time from their sales and accounts teams as they are no longer spending hours tackling spreadsheets and researching for the information they need on customers’ accounts. They have also stated that Tariff Analyser helps with client retention as the reports become a valuable source for their customers.

The sales team also uses the tariff analysis reports to help win new clients, when a prospective customer see’s the report they are impressed to find out they would be receiving these reports monthly.


“Tariff Analyser has become an integral part of our customer experience and the reports are fantastic at providing a clear understanding of accounts, with everything we need to know clearly put together in one place. The flexibility and bespoke nature of the reports was very important to us and Porrima are always on hand to help make any additions or adjustments that we need. The guys bend over backwards to help and provide solutions to any problems which may arise. Tariff Analyser reports have become an important part of our processes and we truly believe it helps encourage our customers to resign”
Mat Whyman, Head of Marketing & Key Account Manager

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