5 things that should be included in tariff analysis reports

The quality of a tariff analysis report is essential for it to be seen as something of value to an existing or potential customer. You need to make sure you provide them with enough information so that they can get a clear understanding of their current usage and whether their current tariff is suitable for them.

Here are our top 5 items that should be included in any tariff analysis report:

At a glance snapshot

The opening of the report should provide the customer with an overall breakdown of the account and highlight some of the most important areas, such as how much the line rental and usage of the period analysed have cost; who the highest individual spenders are; how much data has been used; where the most popular roaming and international destinations are.

The snapshot enables an employer to determine quickly how their employees are using their devices and whether there is any misuse or overspending. They can then investigate the usage of individual handsets further later on in the report.

Overview of the account

Many of us do not really understand how we use our mobile phones, so when it comes to picking a tariff we can be unsure of what we actually require. Providing your customer with a full breakdown of the usage both on an account level as well as for each individual user will help them to realise what their habits are, where they are spending money, and whether their current tariff is suitable.

Businesses can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the jargon and cost of their telecoms so regularly providing them with a clear overview of what they are spending will help them to see the value of choosing you as a supplier.

Data usage

Data is probably one of the most valuable areas for customers. Given the increase in remote working and prevalence of smartphones, the amount of data which users need has increased dramatically over the last five years. If users are overspending on their data usage then this could be making a huge difference to their final bill.

Understanding the data costs of each user will also enable an employer to get a better understanding of what their staff might be doing.


Adding roaming bolt-ons or moving to tariffs with inclusive roaming usage could be another area where your customer may be able to save money.

By providing a breakdown of roaming charges you and your customer will clearly be able to see in which zones and countries they are spending the most money on calls, texts and data. Although EU roaming charges have now come to an end, roaming charges outside of Europe will still be in place, meaning that this is still an important part of the report.

We still also recommend outlining all European roaming usage as this might come into effect again once Brexit negotiations have been completed in 2019.


This is perhaps the most important part of the analysis report as this is where you can help your customers save money, but also potentially increase revenue for yourself.

The usage patterns of the account users will highlight if there are any better tariffs or bolt-ons available. For example, if someone is overspending on their data usage each month, then recommending a larger shared data allowance for the account or a larger individual data bolt-on for this one user will result in a saving for your customer and potentially more revenue for you.

It is certainly worth repeating that your customers are going to gain trust and loyalty in a provider who is proactive and seems to be going out of their way to save them money. Moreover, by offering regular tariff analysis reviews for your customers, it will be you and not your competitors who will be providing great customer service by highlighting areas where potential savings can be made.

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