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Build branded Proposals, POs & Contracts quickly

Proposal Manager is tailored specifically for telecoms partners. Our software offers functionality, flexibility and a service that no CRM can offer. Generating proposals in minutes, Proposal Manager can save you time and money.

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Calculating GP’s, building proposals, POs and internal contracts are all very frustrating, time consuming and expensive tasks. Proposal Manager takes care of all of this work for you in a user friendly, fully supported and maintained software application.

  • Generates accurate proposals in minutes
  • Your very own fully branded proposal template
  • Up to date network tariff/call plans
  • Your commercials incorporated and updated by us
  • Flexibility to add your own bespoke tariffs
  • Calculate GP and profit for each deal
  • Report on individuals/team pipelines
  • Generate POs & internal contracts
  • Create connection sheets
  • and so much more!

Frequently asked Questions

Are there any limitations to the free trial?

We give you full training and access to Proposal Manager. As there is a lot of work to undertake in setting you up, we limit the number of proposal template pages to 5. Once you are happy and agree to continue with Proposal Manager, you will be able to add as many pages that form your proposal template as you like.

We will then be able to add other templates to your system such as POs, contracts and any other bespoke requirements that you may have.

How much does Proposal Manager cost?

This all depends on the total number of licenses, network modules and agreement length. This isn’t a one size fits all solution, so your Account Manager will be able to quote you based on your specific requirements.

How long will it take to set us up?

For the trial we estimate 5 working days for you to be up and running. Once the trial is complete we will need additional time to allow us to add more pages to your proposal template, POs and contracts or to fulfil any other requests that you may have.

Does Proposal Manager work with Adobe Sign?

Yes, it does. We can link any document templates that need signing such as POs, contracts etc to your Adobe Sign account.

Can we add our own control measures so that sales people need to obtain authorisation before generating a proposal?

Yes, Proposal Manager already has this built in. You can set your own parameters such as how much GP a salesperson has to make per CTN or whether your salesperson has to include out of bundle charges as part of your revenue. An email alert will be sent to a designated manager asking for authorisation before allowing the salesperson to generate the proposal.

Can Proposal Manager be used outside the office and abroad?

Yes, as long as you are connected to the internet you are able to use Proposal Manager.

Do you share information with the networks and distributors?

No, we don’t. We are an independent company and do not share your information with any third party. We are, of course, happy to sign any NDAs as required.

Can we integrate our customer base into Proposal Manager?

Yes, you are able to upload your customer base into Proposal Manager with minimal fuss.

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