How NOT to do Tariff Analysis…

At Porrima we like to emphasise how beneficial good tariff analysis can be to your business. However, we have also come across instances where salespeople have conducted their own tariff analysis or have received lesser quality analyses which do not provide any added value and, in some extreme cases, could end up jeopardising their customer relationships.

Here are a few ways in which you can get tariff analysis wrong…

Incorrect calculation of roaming charges

We have heard that some people think that because EU roaming charges have been scrapped, then including an analysis of such roaming charges is not as important within a tariff analysis report as it used to be. This, however, is not the case. There are still limitations to the legislation and if a person goes over their limits then additional charges will be incurred.

Roamed calls within EU countries are included as part of standard UK allowances, but if a user makes a roamed call from an EU country outside of the EU, say for example to the US, then the caller will be charged and these charges will vary depending on the tariff or network.

If you do not include a full breakdown of the countries and any charges then it is not clear to the customer how they are charged when they use their phone outside of the UK and how savings can be made.

Not considering each handset within the account individually

When looking at business mobile costs it can be easy to concentrate on the final figure that is being paid, but it is important to consider each individual handset and the usage of that user. For example, some users may visit countries outside of the UK more frequently or some may use more data. If you can spot these patterns with individuals then you can spot where any changes in tariff or bolt-ons may be beneficial to bring down the total cost!

In addition, there may be limitations on the number of users that can be added to a particular plan. Therefore, if you do not understand the overall number of users on an account then a tariff which is unsuitable may end up being recommended. This could lead to further problems later down the line.

Not looking at all out of bundle costs

Out of bundle rates vary depending on each network and tariff, whether it be the cost of sending an MMS, or making a call from the UK to Ireland. So if these are not analysed properly then you could be providing the customer with invalid and inaccurate information. It will also mean that you will be unable to provide the best recommendations for tariffs and bolt-ons.

Not providing recommendations

It is not enough to provide your customer with a perfect outline of their account, showing them exactly how their team are currently using their handsets. If you do not include valid recommendations of how they can improve their account and possibly save money, then you could be missing out on opportunities for further revenue and may even jeopardise your customer relationship if a competitor provides these recommendations instead.

The recommendations part of the tariff analysis report is one of the most important.

In summary, do not miss out on opportunities by not concentrating on the finer details of tariff analysis. Here at Porrima we have many years’ experience of creating comprehensive and accurate tariff analysis reports which avoid these pitfalls. Regular and reliable tariff analysis has proved to help telecoms partners win new business and retain it. Do not let your competitors beat you on price and value of service.

If you are looking for reliable tariff analysis then contact us to find out how Tariff Analyser could provide a hassle-free solution.

View a sample report from Tariff Analyser here…

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