How to produce the perfect telecoms proposal

The telecommunications industry is complex, so when providers are trying to win new business, a website, phone call, or handshake is not likely to seal the deal.

Customers want to fully understand what they will be getting and, probably most importantly, at what price. This means creating a good proposal is key.

All business proposals have the same goal: persuading the reader to agree to do business with you. A good proposal should include an introduction, description of needs and requirements, description of tariffs/bolt-ons and handsets available, and a breakdown of costs and discounts.

Making sure that your proposal is easy to understand and jargon free will make the process easier for the prospect. Here are our tips on creating the perfect proposal:

Every proposal should always be customised for each potential customer and their requirements. It is important that how you describe what you are offering is about them and how it will meet their needs and not about you. Try to anticipate questions the decision maker might have, and provide answers in advance.

Provide options
When someone is making a decision about a new product or service it is very likely that they will be looking at alternative options in order to get the best offering. You can make this easier for your prospect and for your chances of winning the deal by providing different package options. This will provide some immediate context for their decision.

Get to the point
Keep your proposals as relevant as possible, and get directly to the point. You don’t want to lose someone’s interest, resulting in them only scan reading your proposal and not really taking in the information needed. Make sure you include only information that is relevant to that particular customer.

Think about the type of customer you are pitching to and this may determine what additional information you need to include or leave out of the proposal.

How can Proposal Manager help?
Proposal Manager is a software application tailored specifically for telecoms partners. It can create the perfect personalised proposal in a matter of minutes. You can control exactly which pages are included in your proposal by selecting from your fully branded template.

You can quickly choose the tariffs you want to offer, including any bolt-ons, from consistently updated tariffs which are in line with your commercials. The proposals produced are guaranteed to be accurate and controls are built within Proposal Manager to prevent mis-selling.

Proposal Manager takes the stress and time away from creating proposals and ensures a consistent approach within the company.

To find out more about Proposal Manager and how it can help you save time but still generate winning proposals then contact Porrima today…

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