Proposal Manager new Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Porrima are proud to announce the latest update to their automated proposal software, Proposal Manager. The software is now fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
The Microsoft Dynamics integration will allow companies to track proposals and all other relevant paperwork from Proposal Manager within the CRM, with all information from the proposal linking to the customer account in Dynamics.

Unlike some of their competitors, Porrima do not believe in customers having to change their CRM provider to take advantage of a proposal management system. By integrating with customers’ existing CRM systems, customers can keep using their trusted and familiar CRM system but at the same time use Proposal Manager without having to duplicate account details in two separate systems.
Porrima can also spend their time focusing on the proposal/paperwork element of the system along with maintaining all of their customers’ products.

Daniel Shapiro, CEO, commented “We understand that most businesses already have a CRM system in place and we want to make the set up and user process of Proposal Manager as easy as possible. By integrating with a customer’s CRM it means that there is no need to duplicate content and they can easily keep track of new proposals across the business.
We are continually looking at how we can improve our product so that it works for our customers from day one of set up. This means that the implementation is set up bespoke to their needs and requirements, so if this means adding new features and integrations then we will always find a solution for doing this.”

Other recent integrations have included Adobe Sign, allowing for quicker approvals of proposals, POs and relevant contracts.

Understanding the process of setting up this integration now means that Porrima are prepared to integrate with other major CRM systems that are on the market.

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