Tariff Analyser and Fixed Line Analysis

Despite the revolution in mobile technology, fixed line and hosted systems are still heavily relied on by many businesses. At Porrima we understand the importance of telecom providers being able to provide unified solutions for their customers. As a result, we have developed Tariff Analyser to analyse both fixed line and mobile bills.

According to Vodafone the demand for fixed line contracts has remained static over the last few years, meaning that there is still valuable revenue to be made from providing this service.

How can Tariff Analyser help?

Tariff Analyser provides a quick and easy way for you to analyse your customers fixed line bills. Once Tariff Analyser has completed its analysis, it produces a comprehensive report which outlines the type and volume of calls your customer makes, for example calls to local/national numbers, different mobile networks, different NGN prefixes, international countries, and so on. Tariff Analyser then compares the current spend to your call rates, helping you to highlight where there may be some possible savings.

Tariff Analyser also lets you tweak the individual call rates within set limits, putting you in full control of creating a bespoke offering for your customer.

Tariff Analyser also displays the margin you make on each call type, giving you a clearer picture of the profitability of the deal that you are putting together.

Click here to download a sample fixed line analysis report

Increase your revenue and retain clients…

Tariff Analyser makes providing a unified communications package easier, with its innovative and quick solution for analysing tariffs. Customers will appreciate the full breakdown of the reports and will be able to clearly see that you can help save them money. Providing regular tariff analysis for customers has proven to help increase customer satisfaction and client retention.

“We find Tariff Analyser an essential part of our business for both retaining our customer base & winning new.” Excalibur Communications Read more

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