The UK Government’s green tech strategy

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has published a technology strategy leading up to 2025. The strategy is hoping to deliver an environment plan to make our air purer, water cleaner, land greener, and food more sustainable. 

The technology strategy sets out how the Government can meet its green commitments and reports on the progress achieved thus far. Governments play a key role in achieving the targets for the environment: for instance, by setting and implementing water quality policy frameworks, regulating the discharge of pollutants into the environment, and much more. The Digital, Data and Technology Sustainability Team was established in 2018 to take on these responsibilities.

Since the publication of the original Greening Government IT Strategy in 2011, there have been major changes in the Government’s approach to technology and digital services. Although the Government is pivotal in helping to meet targets, sustainability remains a generational challenge. 

The Sustainable Technology Strategy addresses three key challenges: 

  • Describe how the government exploits information and communications technology for sustainable outcomes
  • Outline the sustainable ICT response to departmental transformation programmes, plans and commitments and wider government imperatives 
  • Provide a guiding view of how government can meet the sustainability challenges and opportunities provided by digital technologies and digitalisation

Additionally, underlying all activities and actions within this strategy are a set of sustainability principles:

  • Minimising waste and embracing circular economy concepts 
  • Using resources more sustainably and efficiently 
  • Social, legal and ethical ICT 
  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change and other supply chain risks 
  • Life cycle analysis and whole life costing 
  • Seeking innovation opportunities

How is Porrima keeping green?

Here at Porrima, we take important steps to ensure we acknowledge our carbon footprint and make conscious greener choices. Below is just a preview of what we do at Porrima:

  • Recycling tech waste using schemes with suppliers where they recycle the waste on purchase of new hardware 
  • Donating appropriate hardware (printers, laptops etc.) to local schools and charities (once having cleared all data, of course) 
  • Reducing printing, where possible 
  • When printing, we use refill ink cartridges rather than buying cartridges each time 
  • We encourage staff and visitors to use public transport when coming to the office (there are bus routes and a Metrolink (tram) station nearby) 
  • Recycling all waste that can be recycled at the office – cardboard, paper, recyclable packaging etc. 
  • Conducting remote demonstrations and calls where possible to reduce travel and our carbon footprint 
  • Ensuring the office temperature is well-controlled so as not to waste heat 
  • Completing insulation checks on the office building 
  • Turning off devices fully when not needed, including lights at the end of the day

Is the IT and telecoms industry contributing to climate change? You can read more about this in one of our previous blogs here. 

IT and telecoms can provide a solution to energy demand. Their energy solutions effectively outweigh their carbon emissions, which means businesses in the IT and telecoms industries are not only ripe for sustainable change, but also a means for other industry sectors and everyday consumers to follow suit. 

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Here at Porrima, we have designed, developed, and implemented intelligent and sophisticated sales software solutions for telecoms and IT partners of different sizes, from small one-man bands to large businesses in partnership with the UK mobile networks. 

Our objective here at Porrima is to use our in-depth industry knowledge and technical programming experience to offer a unique product portfolio that will work for you. We want to help you increase your productivity, eliminate the threat of misquoting, free up your sales team, increase your profits, and exceed your expectations. 

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